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OKI 3641 With Feeder and Conveyor

Great CMYK Printer - works well as an Envelope Press. Scanner is not included.

The CX3641 MFP is ideal for business color users with an eye for consistent and accurate color output from their office machines. They can take advantage of access to fast, incredibly precise color printing and copying through the embedded EFI® Fiery® System 8e controller and accompanying software.  With all of its advanced technology, the CX3641 MFP is remarkably simple to use. Once IT administrators have established basic profiles and configurations for specific types of color usage and print jobs, end users can:

-Print from virtually any business software application and get great results even with large files through Smart RIP technology.

-Get consistent color, page to page and job to job.

-Produce graphic arts-quality documents with ease.

-Save the time and cost of using internal repro centers or outside print vendors.

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