OKI 711 WT

Produce High quality transfers with the OKI 711

  • Full colour 8.5 x 11 transfers on light and dark garments
  • No maintenance required
  • No weeding required



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An innovation in printing for the graphics, design and merchandising industries, white toner printing unlocks new possibilities. The OKI 711 WT printer produces vibrant, low cost, full color heat transfers. A compact printer brandishing big attributes, it can fit seamlessly on your desktop or workspace. Printers can generate new revenue streams, expand product offerings and keep printing in house with the OKI 711 WT. 

How It Works:

Boasting a straight paper path, you can produce graphics and images on a number of different substrates, including: cotton, polyester, wood, glass, leather and much more. To make custom t shirts, simply create your design, load your transfer paper and hit print. Through the Forever Transfer RIP, like never before, we have the ability to rasterize images, perform knockouts, control colours and mange your white. This gives you the capacity for complete customization. The OKI 711 .


The Forever TransferRIP boasts the power to manipulate your artwork without the necessity or knowledge on using complex design programs.  Make your prints feel better, look better, wash better, last longer, cost less, and give yourself total control.


  • Performance-  CMYW
  • Print Quality-  1200 x 600 DPi
  • Speed-  8 PPM on transfer media, 34 PPM on standard media
  • Compatibility-  Windows and Mac
  • Media Size-  3" x 5" to 8.5" x 11
  • Media Weight-  64-250 GSM


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