The Touchline C375 is more than just a creasing machine. As a part of a complete product family, it not only offers the possibility to crease paper and card stock, the Touchline C375 becomes a fully functional creasing and folding system when connected to the TCF Touchline from Multigraf.

  • Top Fed
  • Crease up to 6000 sheets an hour
  • Swiss made
  • Completely automated

Set up for success with the C375 automatic creasing machine from Multigraf. Crease paper to create perfect folds and avoid cracking in printed materials. Focus on other areas of the business that matter, while the C375 achieves quality at a speed not matched anywhere else in the print industry. 

How it works:

Load in jobs cut to finish size. The pile height is automatically detected and sheets are fed through with the ultrasonic guidance system, ensuring complete reliability. An operator friendly menu driven command centre allows printers total control. 


  • Paper size min.: 105 x 148 mm
  • Paper size max: 375 x 1050 mm (with table extension)
  • Paper stocks: 80 - 400 gsm

Technical Specifications

Creasing TOUCHLINE C375

  • Feeder system suction feeder
  • Feeder capacitiy 180 mm (7")
  • Paper size minimum 105 x 148 mm (4.13" x 5.83")
  • Paper size maximum 375 x 660 mm (14.75" x 26")
  • 375 x 1'050 mm with table extension (41.3")
  • Paper stocks creasing 80-400 gsm *
  • Control panel touchscreen
  • Double sheet detection ultrasonic
  • Creasing system creasing bar
  • Reception tray height 120 mm (4.75")
  • Speed depending on job, up to 6'000
  • Dimension 1'700 x 600 x 1'200 mm (67 x 23.5 x 47.5")
  • Weight 125 kg (275 lb)
  • Electrical connection 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Creasing Tool
Paper stocks depending on material quality.
Pressure adjustment 3 depths, automatically adjustable
by touchscreen
Number of tools 1 creasing tool = 2 di erent styles
more creasing tools optionally available
Number of operations up to 20 per sheet
Minimum distance 1 mm (0.04")
Perforation- no



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