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OPUS - GoldPress 4+ Hot Foil Stamper

  • Microprocessor controlled heater
  • LED display operating panel
  • Measurement scales
  • Counter
  • Steel construction in a metal housing
  • Large drawer for storing typeface and tools


RRP: $ 1,237.00 CAD
$ 895.00 CAD
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GoldPress 4+

  • The Goldpress 4+ is perfect for foil blocking on Metalbind Hard Covers and soft covers. It can also be used with various types of hard covers like Channelbind, Fastback or Fastbind.
  • With the Goldchannel base set* you can foil on Metalbind channels or Channelbind spines.
  • A full range of brass letters* are available in 4mm, 5.5mm, 9mm and 16mm sizes.
  • Brass logo blocks* can also be made in 3 sizes: 3.15" x 4.33"/ 2" x 7.1"/ 1.66" x 7.09".
  • The Goldpress 4+ uses the same frames and fonts as the Atlas 300 Imagepress. * All items sold seperately.

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