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DigiBind Perfect Binder

The Digibind cycles up to 200 times per hour with an average operator producing about 100 to 200 books per hour, this is due to the unique feature of one pass binding. Books are placed in the clamp on the left and pass through the chipper and glue and end at the right picking up the cover. The DigiBind requires little adjustment, but the spine pressure can be adjusted for a square or round spine. The notching, adhesive application and nipper clamping are all automatic. The only thing the operator needs to do is place a cover into position. Another unique feature of the DigiBind commonly found on more expensive binders is its dynamic nipper table which automatically senses and adjusts to the size of the book. Also optional is a book cover hinge scorer.



  • 1 solar cutter.
  • 1 small milling cutter.
  • Max length 13".
  • Max thickness 2.28", Automatic cover hinge scorer is optional.
Maximum Binding Length: 13"
Binding Thickness: up to 2.28
Binding/Cycle Speed: up to 200 cycles per hour
Melting Glue Time: About 30min
Milling Cutter: Solar milling cutter & Small milling cutter
Clamping Cover: Automatic
Book Clamping: Automatic
Glue Rollers: 1 glue roller
Display: LCD
Clamping Cover Adjustment: Yes
Power Source: 220V single phase
Grose Weight: 160 kgs
Shipping Dimensions 1370x620x1030mm, & 550x470x800mm (Creasing Unit)


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