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OPUS - MasterPress 01 Hot Foil Stamper

  • No pre-setting material thickness!
  • Always ready to hot stamp a single sheet or book cover
  • Unique typesetting using fonts or custom dies
  • Hot stamping area: 218 x 308 mm
OPUS - MasterPress 01 Hot Stamper

The MasterPress 01 Hot Stamper is perfect for foil blocking on Metalbind Hard Covers and soft covers. It can also be used with various types of hard covers like Channelbind, Fastback or Fastbind, and many other uses.

A full range of brass letters* are available in 4mm, 5.5mm, 9mm and 16mm sizes.
Brass logo blocks* can also be made and attached to the O Matrix Base and Framework*
The MasterPress 01 fonts as the Atlas 300 Imagepress and the Gold Press.

* All items sold seperately.

Accessories included:

  •   equipment stand
  •   one multi frame 
  •   5 one line frames for 9mm types
  •   5 one line frames for 5,5mm types
  •   5 one line frames for 4mm types


  •   LCD display
  •   stamping time countdown
  •   daily counter to be set for count down or count up with the possibility to correct actual value
  •   daily counter set for subtraction signalises the end of the series
  •   simultaneous displaying of required and actual temperature
  •   possibility of saving up to 10 programmes (different stamping time and temperature) in the memory plus their descriptions in the menu of programmes
  •   automatic winding of the foil after every stamping


  •   Voltage: 110V
  •   Maximum. power load: 1800 W
  •   Average power load: 400 W
  •   Heater surface: 218 x 308 mm
  •   Maximum matrix filling: 50%
  •   Machine net weight: 100 kg
  •   Construction: C frame eccentric press with automatic in-feed of material
  •   Stamping force regulation
  •   Possibility to install matrixes across and along the machine
  •   Space between the matrix and the table: approx. 30mm
  •   Operating temperature: 50 - 130°C, regulation every 1°C
  •   Work modes: °C and F
  •   Number of languages: 2 at the moment (Polish and English)

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