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Royal Sovereign IL 1346W 13" Photo & Document Laminator

 IL-1346W13" Wide Professional Laminator

Modern Design with Touchscreen Controls
Wide 13" entry makes it perfect for laminating documents found in offices and schools
Quality 4 roller hot shoe system provides wrinkle free, bubble free, hazing free laminating
Can laminate pouches 3 mil to 7 mil thick
Patented Auto-Reverse and Manual options make it easy to recover jammed and misfed documents

RRP: $ 295.00 CAD
$ 205.00 CAD
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The Royal Sovereign IL-1346W 13" Wide Professional Laminator offers a slim and sleek design with a large 13 inch entry feed for the variety of document sizes and shapes found in your home, home office, or business.  The IL-1346W utilizes a 4 roller hot shoe system, which provides a flat, even and clean lamination finish every time.  It also is capable of laminating hot or cold pouch film from 3 -7 mil in thickness with a simple switch of a button.  No need to wait to laminate as the IL-1346W warms up in just 60 seconds.  Protect, preserve, and enhance everything from resumes, photos, menus, displays, luggage tags, business cards, presentation materials, ID cards, and much more!

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