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Afinia L502 Industrial Duo Ink Color Label Printer

With DuraPrime Duo Ink Technology
Making your own labels just got easier

Whether you need waterproof, durable labels or something eye-catching for the retail shelf, the L502 is our most versatile printer ever. Pigment and dye inks each have their own advantages. Get the best of both worlds with the L502.

All-steel industrial design, improved toolbox functionality, 2x faster printing*, and durable pigment inks make the L502 extremely rugged and versatile.

*As compared to the original L501 Color Label Printer

Industrial build quality
Dual-ink capability (dye & pigment)
Separate CMYK inks for economy
BS5609-certified pigment inks

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Pigment and Dye-based Labels
DuraPrime Duo Ink TechnologyPigment-based prints are highly resistant to the challenges of moisture, abrasion, sun-fading, and extreme temperature. This makes the L502 perfect for packaging requiring GHS compliance, as well as those with high exposure to moisture, such as beverages and bath products.

The L502's dye-based prints are high-impact, colorful, and vibrant, making them ideal for prime labeling applications, such as in retail environments.

Enjoy the durability of pigment and the vibrancy of dye inks in the same printer. The L502's ink interchangeability offers a level of versatility never before experienced in the label printing world.

BS5609 Certified for Durable Labels

The L502 has been tested and certified to produce BS 5609-compliant and GHS (Globally Harmonized System) labels, which helps keep chemical manufacturers in compliance with packaging and transportation requirements. This testing evaluates the permanence of the print through abrasion and submersion in salt water for a period of 90 days.

Built for Industrial Use
The heavy-duty construction of the L502 color label printer includes an all-steel industrial cover, with a window for print bed visibility and status monitoring. It also includes improved sensors which allow for greater compatibility with specialty media, such as reflective metallic material. In addition to the standard roll-fed model, the L502 is also available in a fanfold-compatible version (F502) with the same build quality and feature set.

Improvements extend to the L502 Color Label Printer toolbox, allowing for increased control, including 'Pause' and 'Cut' functions. Firmware upgrades can also now be more easily performed.

Versatility Meets Economy
Not only is the L502 one of the most versatile label printers on the market, it offers great value for small to mid-sized label applications. Separate CMYK ink cartridges contribute to a lower cost per label, since only colors that are empty need to be replaced.

L502 Printer Specifications

Print technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
Inks: Option of Dye or Pigment Individual Cyan/Magenta/Yellow (26ml), Individual Black (78.4ml)
Print resolution: Up to 4800 dpi
Print speed: Artwork-dependent, Approximately 5.2 in/sec (13.2cm/sec) printing a 2.2in (56mm) wide image in normal mode
Print width: 1.0"8.5" (25.4mm215.9mm)
Print length: 0.75"48" (19mm1219.2mm)
Media types: Compatible with a range of paper, polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl label stocks
Media/liner width: 1.5"8.65" (38.1mm219.7mm)
Thickness: 0.004"0.01" (0.1mm0.3mm)
Maximum roll diameter: 8" (203.2mm)
Core diameter: Requires 3" (76.2mm) cardboard core
Media sensors: Gap, continuous, black mark. Auto-calibrating
Die-cut label gap: Minimum 0.125" (3.0mm) Maximum 0.3" (8.0mm)
Black mark: 0.125" (3.0mm) 0.3" (8.0mm) Height, 1.25" (31.75mm) Width
Cutter/sheeter: Powered
Unwinder: 8.65" (219.7mm) max width, 8" (203mm) OD on a 3" core (76.2mm)
Interfaces: USB 2.0 connection and 10/100 Base-Tx Ethernet
Operating system: Windows 7+ (32 and 64 bit)
Display: 2" mono display with buttons

Warranty: One year

Afinia part numbers: L502 w/ Dye Inks: 35417
Dye Printhead and Ink Set: 30986
Cyan Ink - Dye: 30636
Magenta Ink - Dye: 30643
Yellow Ink - Dye: 30650
Black Ink - Dye: 30657
L502 w/ Pigment Inks: 35410
Pigment Printhead and Ink Set: 30993
Cyan Ink - Pigment: 30664
Magenta Ink - Pigment: 30671
Yellow Ink - Pigment: 30687
Black Ink - Pigment: 30685


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