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AnyCut III Digital Laser Die Cutter

Anytron laser finisher, any-cut III  is the most compact size among the 13inch width laser cutting machines. It is laser die-cutting machine for roll-to-roll type of small batch label printing. You can cut labels using a laser by controlling via desktop PC.

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It gives you one-stop solution of laminating, scrap paper removal and slitting, so you just need to enjoy your time till your labels done. You also can set different cutting methods for single label cut performance, such as full and half cut. In addition, necessary information such as barcodes, numbering, QR codes, date & time is able to be directly marked on the labels by using exclusive software program. You want your label unique using a complex image? Laser makes it possible in a short time, easier way. Since you don't need a knife to cut your label, no more cost for replacing knife edges. Why don't you use that cost for yourself!


10,000 labels can be cut within one hour with no retooling
The combination of the latest laser technology and vision system guarantees the quality of labels.
Time and costs can be reduced by performance that serves a triple purpose.
You will become an expert with only a short-term training
Production is possible without concerns about space.
Cutting and marking can be performed simultaneously.
Full and half cuts can be performed simultaneously.
Various media in terms of thickness and type are supported.
Long labels can also be cut at one time.
Labels with highly complex images can also be cut speedily.
Concerns over consumable costs such as the replacement of knife edges are no longer necessary.
Your two step processes of making labels will be become one step process by using any-Link with any-CUT III





MAX. WEB WIDTH: 350 mm

MAX. ROLL DIAMETER: Unwinder Ø700mm / Rewinder Ø400mm

LCUTTING AREA: 300mm(width) x unlimited split cut


LASER POWER: 150W / 250W


COOLING: Water-cooled

POWER SUPPLY: 110 or 220 VAC

DIMENSIONS: W3429 x D1012 x H1608 / 1,020Kg

Auto job changeover
In-line KIT(any-Flow & any-Link)


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