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AnyBlade Digital Die Cutter

any-BLADE, all in one digital die cutter with auto job changer. made by anytron is the best solution for those who need labels customized, immediately.

any-BLADE is a roll-to-roll flatbed knife die-cutting system, support one-stop solution of laminating, die-cutting, removing waste, and slitting customized labels in one production.


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Digital Knife Die-Cutting: Short Run Job Label Die-Cutter

According to label cutter case study done regarding digital die cutting, in order to cut the shapes that you desire, there has to be a generic software that is familiar with all designs and according to the industry standard.
With the help of latest print technology, you can use classic colour copy so that you do not face any critical issues.
With the help of a digital die-cutter, you can form any shape, vector or otherwise. The best part is that you can also cut any form of substrates like vinyl, reflective media, and other laminated materials. These unique shapes will be one of a kind and you might not have witnessed this cost-effective price and speed ever before. With top of the line repeatability and accuracy, you can perform cuttings as and when you desire.


Use of any-Blade for Label Printing

any-Blade is a great label die-cutter that helps in providing quality labels in few minutes. This is the perfect choice for producing labels in fewer quantities. Since the labels were produced in small quantities and for test marketing, it was possible to save the design in the history. This made it possible to load the design again without any trouble.
Moreover, it reduced the stock cost as the labels were produced in small quantities. This also decreased the wastage of labels. Moreover, the production cost was reduced as there were accurate cut labels with no extra cost. The time spent in die-cutting was also reduced allowing timely delivery.


3 Reasons Why You should choose any-BLADE

1. Auto job changer: Auto job changer enables multi-jobs printed on one roll by reading a barcode of each job, which automatically changes cutting data without any involvements of user.
2. Various cutting fucntions: Split cut, blank cut and cut&creasing
3. Superior accuracy by flat bed engine: Accurate cutting is possible using flat-bed type engine. It enables to cut high accuracy curve line and guarantee great straightness compared with grit-rolling type engine.


Cutting engine
Type : Flatbed XY knife cutter
Cutting area : 550 mm x 350 mm

Machining accuracy
Below ± 0.2 mm

Max roll size
Max. Roll width : 350 mm / Max. Roll diameter : 350 mm
Max. Laminating roll width : 350 mm / Max. Laminating roll diameter : 250 mm

Max. 7knives
Min. slitting width : 37 mm

Max. Rewinder diameter
Max. rewinder diameter : 350 mm

Cutting type

anytron EasyCut

2000mm(W) x 910 mm(D) x 1170 mm(H)

Power Requirements
110 - 220 VAC


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