XpertJet 661UF

The Mutoh XPJ-661UF allows for layered printing to create fine-textured prints and braille, all of which will instantly add value to any print. Tie that in with Mutoh's "Local Dimming Control Technology", you now have the ability to add high glossy finishes easily in one pass! The Mutoh XPJ-661UF is a great addition to your arsenal and will definitely add profits to your business!
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The XpertJet 661UF, UV-LED flatbed  printer  offers many new features including  a new sleek modern  design, larger printable surface area, updated  touchscreen panel, improved  LED lamp and more. These enhancements along with the improved ease of use and easier maintenance will increase both productivity and profitability.The XPJ-661 include Mutoh's innovative and unique UV-LED Lamp Local Dimming Control Technology which produces glossy, semi-glossy and matte-varnish printing simultaneously, with colours and/or white printing in a single pass. In addition, the new models shorten print times and improve productivity while reducing grain and banding."

This model will be especially popular for those looking to produce trophies and awards, signage and braille, personalized products, name badges, promotional products, interior décor, packaging prototypes, drinkware and much more.

  • Compact table top A2 flatbed UV LED printer
  • Print area of 19.02" x 23.39"
  • Prints on objects up to 5.9" thick
  • Dual ink type : rigid or flexible inks 6 colours : CMYK + White +
  • Varnish
  • Print on white, dark and clear items/objects
  • Spotvarnish, structure printing & embossing thanks to varnish inks
  • Mutoh UV LED Local Dimming Control Technology
  • Obstacle detection system & print resume functionality
  • Dedicated Intelligent Interweaving technology incorporated
  • Uninterrupted production thanks to selected active nozzle block




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