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Foil Fusers

The FT-10 is a hand fed fuser, that will economically allow you to adhere foil to different stocks. Designed for limited production applications.

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$ 2,995.00 CAD
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Foil Fusers

Foil fusing is a well proven process used to apply foil to toner image areas that have been imprinted with either a laser printer or a copy machine. The FT-10 is a hand fed fuser designed for limited production applications.

FT-10 features:

  • 12.6" wide maximum paper width
  • manual impression control
  • foil unwind and rewind tension adjustment
  • electronic speed and temperature range controls

The FT-10 can support a single 500' foil roll wound on a standard 1" core. The introduction of the hand fed FT-10, Manual and Automatic Foil-Tech models have made foil fusing a practical process. Flat foil jobs can be produced without the need to purchase a foil stamping die or expensive foil stamping equipment. No special make, ready supplies or skills are required to produce beautiful foil stamping using the FT-10

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