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Foiler - Automatic Foil-Tec

The Automatic Foil-Tech foil fusing equipment is the most efficient and popular Foil-Tech model. As paper is fed into the machine, a sensor detects the paper and automatically engages the impression mechanism. The impression mechanism will automatically disengage as the last sheet is delivered from the machine. This system assures minimum foil waste and does not require operator intervention.

The Automatic Foil-Tech Foil Fusing Equipment requires a compressed air supply

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The Automatic Foil-Tech can fuse metallic, pigment, glitter, holographic pattern and security foils to toner image areas on suitable paper and plastic substrates


ThermoFusing is a process that "post-fuses" sheets that have been printed with toner.

It creates a high gloss finish over toner image areas similar to spot UV. ThermoFusing also improves toner adhesion and durability.

THERM-O-TYPE foil fusing equipment uses coated and un-coated fusing film to ThermoFuse toner image areas on suitable paper and plastic substrates

Freedom Foil Process

Foil Fusing Equipment can be used to apply foil text and graphics over a background image, printed with toner, using the "Freedom Foil Process".

Using this process, the background image is printed, then the sheet is laminated with a special laminating film. Laminated sheets are run back through a printer to apply toner on top of the laminate. After being over-printed, the sheets are run through the Automatic Foil-Tech where foil is fused to the over-printed toner image areas.


The Automatic Foil-Tech can be used to apply single or two-sided thermal laminating films

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