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Features Individual air separation and suction adjustments. Unique belt suction feed system Feeds both offset and digital print applications. Configurable with the DSC-10/20 Stacker or DCR-ST Cross Stacker for collating and stacking

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The Duplo DSC-10/20 is our affordable and heavy-duty suction collating solution designed for both offset and digitally-printed applications. This 10-bin paper collator handles a wide range of paper, from bond to coated stock, and feeds up to 7,200 sets per hour. It can be configured with the Duplo DBM-150 and DBM-350 Bookletmakers (see the 150C Booklet System and 350C Booklet System under Saddle Stitching/Bookletmaking Systems). Up to two towers can be connected. For collating and stacking, users can add the DSC-10/20 Stacker for bookletmaking and stacking capabilities or the DCR-ST Cross Stacker for higher volume stacking jobs. *Configuration with the new DBM-600 Bookletmaker coming soon.

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