Why Attend Our Open House?

Here are 12 reasons to attend our open house on May 4th:

  1. Lowest Prices of the Year and Great Prizes
  2. Let's show you how White Printing opens doors and opportunities
  3. Learn how to Foil Stamp using your digital printer and/or your laminator
  4. How to use Soft Touch on your Laminator
  5. How to Print Glow in the Dark T-Shirts
  6. How to Crease, Fold and Stop Perf in both directions
  7. Slit, Crease, Cut and Fold in one Pass
  8. Laminate, Foil and Coat in one Machine
  9. Print CMYK Envelopes, 4,000 per hour
  10. All Day Complimentary Food and Beverages
  11. Personalized T Shirt Photo Booth (bring your pretty faces!)
  12. And don't forget about those Great Prizes!!!
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