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Why Do You Need to Buy a Creaser or Scorer or Perfer?

Posted on 25 May 2018
Why Do You Need to Buy a Creaser or Scorer or Perfer?
The difference between an average print job and a great print job is often in the smallest details taken note of. Small Differences can cause your print job to stand out from the competition. "Cracking" along the paper folds is an immediate indication that precision was not used on a completed folded project. The good news is that there is wonderful equipment out there to prevent this!
When offset printing was the way of the world, the process of printing ink on the paper, the ink soaked right through the paper, therefore cracking was not an issue. In todays world of digitally printed paper, the toner is only printed on the surface therefore when you go to score or crease, it breaks this layer and ruins your final product, as you can see the white inside of the stock. Creasing will incorporate two parallel folds on both sides of the stock, so when the stock is folded the stress is handled by two different points on the stock, therefore there will be no cracking. 

For most of your folding needs, you unquestionably need a Creasing Unit. Because as an astute business owner, you realize you have to present the client with the most professional final product possible!
At PDS, we carry the Multigraf Touchline group of Creasing, Folding and Perfing equipment as well as the Duplo line up! Call today to let us help you make a informed decision on what is right for your Business!

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