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Transform your Business with White Printing - OKI C942

Posted on 13 September 2017

The OKI Data C942 digital colour production printer has a unique 5th tone for white to extend your printing abilities beyond traditional options. Users can print vivid white on dark media for a vibrant alternative. The OKI C942 can also print white under CMYK which allows colour printed on colour media in a single pass through. With the ability to expand beyond regular full colour printing on white paper, the C942 uses micro-fine toner for heightened colour saturation and density. Further, the C942 prints on non traditional substrates like metallic media and wood veneers to broaden printing horizons for business.

From coloured invitations, posters, envelopes and signage, the white element allows full control over the output colour. Media has expanded beyond typical white paper and the C942 sets the stage for vibrant, colourful marketing materials to allow bold colours printed on bold colours.

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