Posted on 25 January 2019

19th Annual Imprint Canada Show

PDS was an exhibitor at the National Imprint Show, Jan 11 and 12th 2019 at the Toronto Congress Center, Toronto.  This event showcased the latest in imprintable sportswear, ad specialty, embroidery, screen printing, embossing and digitizing products and services. PDS was showcasing our line up of digital T Shirt printers along with heat presses. The big seller is always the OKI 8432WT white and CMY Digital Printer, printing transfers up to 11.6" x 17". Pictured above is Brett from PDS walking an interested customer through the Forever Transfer RIP

For more information on our lineup of T-Shirt Printing Equipment click here:


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DC-616 Cutter Creaser

Posted on 22 January 2019

Three reasons to buy a DC-616 Cutter Creaser


As a business owner in the printing industry, are you using more than one piece of equipment to produce your printed products? I have listed 3 reasons why it is in your best interest to combine these machines you will then maximize your staff's production, save time and increase your profit!


The first reason, and it's a big one, is Automation. With the Duplo DC-616 you can create a template library which will enable you to instantly produce common applications relating to your business. There are many applications which your business will repeatedly create everyday, so spending time setting up the same application as you did 5 times yesterday, can become a tiring and expensive task. If you also have regular customers who request the same application every time, the camera reads barcodes to recall any job stored in the memory.

With the use of registration marks the DC-616 minimise image drift in both X and Y axis helping to align them - ensuring they are all parallel to the paper path guaranteeing accurate finishing. Using automation to do most of the work reduces touch points and helps keep your production time and costs to a minimum


The DC-616 gives you the flexibility to complete short run, on demand print finishing. Why would you not combine your guillotine, perforator and creaser into one small compact machine was an option? This small but diverse machine uses a guillotine cutter, rotary slitters, and a depth-adjustable creaser meaning you get the versatility of multiple machines without the timely, manual setups of each one. The system allows you to feed different paper weights within the same job, an ultrasonic sensor detects air gaps between two sheets to eliminate a double feed occurring.

Minimal Training

With the DC-616 you could be cutting business cards within minutes. How long would it take for someone to learn to precisely cut a job of 21up business cards? To cut down multiple handling of sheets from one machine to another, every application is finished perfectly in a single pass and all from just the press of a button.

So, if reducing your costs, cutting down your production time, increasing your return on investment and minimising errors sounds too good to be true, give the DC-616 a try, I think you will be wondering why you waited so long!

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Inkubate's New Baby!

Posted on 2 October 2018
Inkubate's New Baby!
Inkubate Packaging purchased a brand new OKI 942 ! When looking to grow your business, the 900 series is the perfect investment. These cost effective machines produce short runs with little overhead or job start-up costs giving you full control! We wish the team at Inkubate the best going forward with their new OKI. Pictured here from left to right: Mingxian Su, Kevin Bryldt, Carol Alexandruk, Courtney Alexandruk, Marcos Moseychuk.
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The Data Group

Posted on 1 October 2018
The Data Group

The Data Group has purchased a brand new Multigraf CP375 & TCF375, a 5 in 1 folder creaser! Pictured here is Brett from PDS with the happy team at The Data Group. PDS continues to make it their mission to provide customers with the right equipment to meet their needs. Stop perforation in both directions is one of the key features of the new Touchline CP375. Due to the interchangeable tools, the CP375 can be diverted from a perforating machine into a creasing machine or vice versa, in no time! Below is a video of the CP375 and TCF375 in action!


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Creaser Folder Product Feature : Why Buy a Multigraf Touchline CF375

Posted on 1 October 2018
Creaser Folder Product Feature : Why Buy a Multigraf Touchline CF375

Are you in the market for a new creaser folder? Multigraf offers the high-tech Touchline CF375, a game changer in print finishing and we have the scoop on what it can do for you.

The CF375 Creaser, Folder is the perfect print finishing machine for creasing and folding for mid- to high-volume printers at up to 6,000 creased and folded sheets per hour. High quality, non-stop productivity for documents up to 400 gsm and size up to 14.76" x 39.37" with an optional tray extension. This print finishing system offers more automation and flexibility than any other system in its class. This Multigraf print finisher CF375 incorporates teh Multigraf Swingbar System to prevent cracking when creasing. It also comes with an air knife for exact sheet separation. The CF 375 can also operate as a stand alone creaser or perforator. Best of all, the system creates all settings automatically, just press the button!

See it in action:



The automatic setup on the depth of the crease with different positions is an important feature which also speeds up the creasing process with an accuracy of 0.2 mm.

Multigraf's Pro Knife System in the folding section achieves a perfect fold and also avoids scratching and marking on stock.

If you want your print job to stand out from your competitor, make sure there is no "cracking" present on your completed folded project. Multigraf's Touchline group of products can take your print job to the next level and beyond!


With over 100 years of combined print finishing experience, we have secured exclusive access to the Multigraf Touchline series of creasers, perforators, folders, and slitters to bring affordable, high quality equipment to Canadian printers. Contact us to find out more about our Multigraf series of finishers.

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