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Streamline your business through automation with PDS' full line up of Creasers, Folders, Perfers, Slitters, Cutters, UV Spot, Foilers and Multi Media Digital Copiers  

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With companies more pushed than ever to deliver quality printed work, lets look at some of the latest finishing technologies and how they can help your firm pull ahead of the pack; post-press processes are what make print sellable and a mistake in this area is very costly in both time and money so equipment, quality and reliability are vital.

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A very important factor for all companies is automation because it improves the quality of results, reduces machine downtime, reduces manning, and can enable less skilled staff to run equipment at the same output levels as their more productive colleagues. When recalling the same job time after time it is now far easier to benchmark certain jobs and repeat that output.
Just as important as the printing operation is Post Press. Some would argue even more important. A beautifully printed job can be completely ruined by inept finishing; just a perf or fold that is out by a few millimetres can spoil a perfect piece of print

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DDC810 UV Spot Coater

Print is simply not ink to paper anymore. It is 2019, it is a premium to differentiate high quality prints. Printers are looking for new and innovative ways to offer their products and stand out from the masses. Print embellishment creates the experience of seeing and feeling your print, like never before. Imagine bringing your print to life by adding texture and visual contrast. Well now you can with the world's most accurate and affordable Raised Spot UV Coater. The Duplo DDC-810 is changing the way we see, touch and sell print.

1: Texturize

2: Create Visual Contrast

3: Feel and See the image POP!

DPC- 400 Digital Die Cutter

Utilizing a flatbed table and digital cutting technology, the DocuCutter DPC-400 Digital Die Cutter produces short-run packaging, custom shaped cards and labels without physical dies required. The DPC-400 cuts, kiss cuts and scores a range of substrates including paper, laminates, adhesives and synthetic stocks up to 14" x 20" in size and up to 1.5 mm thick!. It's an affordable and versatile solution for prototyping designs and sample productions.

1: Custom Labels - no dies required

2: Custom Boxes

3: Kiss-Cut

Slitter Cutter Creasers from Duplo

Duplo's Slitter/Cutter/Creasers are our popular all-in-one digital finishing solutions designed to trim white borders and crease fold lines in documents to eliminate toner cracking in a single pass.

The difference between an average print job and a great print job is often in the smallest details taken note of. Small Differences can cause your print job to stand out from the competition. "Cracking" along the paper folds is an immediate indication that precision was not used on a completed folded project. The good news is that there is wonderful equipment out there to prevent this!

Crease/Perf/Fold from MultiGraf

We have secured exclusive access to the Multigraf Touchline series of creasers, perforators, folders, and slitters to bring affordable, high quality equipment to Canadian printers

Just as important as the printing operation is Post Press. Some would argue even more important. A beautifully printed job can be completely ruined by inept finishing; just a perf or fold that is out by a few millimetres can spoil a perfect piece of print! The Multigraf line up is Swiss Made, providing accuracy and quality with every step of your creasing, perifng and folding. 

DFL500 Laminate,Foil,Dry Coat

Optimize production with one machine. The DFL-500 Coat/Foil/Laminator is the 3-in-1 solution that will allow you to do just that. This compact machine delivers a multi-purpose solution for print embellishment that should be a cornerstone in print shops.

1: Laminating

2: Foiling

3: Dry Coat

Ideal MBM Triumph Cutters

Manufactured in Germany by MBM's parent company, Krug & Priester, Triumph cutters are world renowned for their power, precision, and ease of operation. Exclusive SCS safety features put them among the safest cutters in the world.

All Triumph cutters are certified under a quality management system established in all company areas under the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. 

Select cutters come with VR Cut. A revolutionary tool to create and cut documents with ease.

OKI Multi-Media Center   CMYK + W

OKI's most revolutionary machine - delivers the ultimate in high-impact output that demands attention.  The C942 prints brilliant color on white stocks, and adds the unique ability to print solid white, and white under CMYK to deliver brilliant color on color stocks.  Color-on-Color output!   This is a truly ground-breaking device for creative graphic artists and print shops that want to stand out.

Capable of solid white print and white under CMYK

Delivers Brilliant Colour on Colour stocks!

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